Thursday, May 30, 2013

Payson's Summer Preschool

Payson went to a little summer preschool play group called For Kids Only for a month! I wanted to send him to this play group so he could make friends and communicate with other little kids! Lets just say he didn't care to interact with other kids he just liked the toys and crafts!:) He actually learned a lot if we sing him the songs that they sang at school he does all of the actions and everything he would have done at preschool! It's so cute!! He learned to paint glue on papers so he could stick pieces of paper on it.  He learned to paint, color and all that good stuff! He loves to color now! I took pictures of the crafts that he did in preschool he did such a good job!
He got a little certificate for attending

I didn't get to get very many pictures of him at school but the first day of school I snapped a few!


Monday, May 27, 2013

Focus Sports Fest

Last Saturday Focus hosted their 7th Annual Sports Fest! They rent out a place that has a basketball court, volleyball court, table tennis, swimming pool, and a bowery! They have four different teams a red, green, yellow, and blue team! They do different activities and games to compete against each other and they have such a fun time!

Landon found someone's bike to ride before the party started
These two have a special bond

Can you tell he is spoiled rotten
 They started out with a flag ceremony where each team ran around with their different colored flag then they sang the Philippine National Anthem and then the American National Anthem!

They did a flag ceremony where each team stood with their color flag and walked around the pool!

Payson had to get in on the action to

They did a lot of fun little games for all of them to do.. They had a game where you had to put a piece of paper on your face and someone had to squirt you with a squirt gun to try to get the paper off of your face, another game was a running relay, another game was there was flour on a plate and you had to go and blow the flour off and find the coin that was in it.. Just a bunch of fun little games for everyone to participate in!


This was the game where they had to squirt their teammates foreheads and try to get the piece of paper to fall off

If you can't tell by their cocky faces their team won
This game was a running relay they have four teammates participate on each team and they had to run the length of the pool and back!

Cody running

Landon running

High fiving their teammates because they won

This was the flour game you can see how messy it was
After all of those games they had a break and had lunch.. They bought everyone chicken, rice, and coke from McDonalds.. It was actually really yummy! They were also selling these frozen fruit ice cream things! Payson loved them and thought they were the best thing ever! During lunch Payson found himself a cute little girlfriend!

After lunch they played table tennis, volleyball and basketball! Jordyn and I didn't stay for any of it we took Payson home to nap! So thank goodness for the good people that work at Focus that take good pictures so I could snag them off of facebook and put them on here! We decided to go back for basketball to laugh at Cody and Landon trying to play! While watching them we found out they were not as bad at basketball as we thought! They could dribble and shoot that ball!! Heck Landon even shot 2 free throw shots and made both of them believe it or not.. After he made the first one I just looked at Jordyn and said did that really happen?? Then he made the second one and I made eye contact with one of the employees from Focus and we both just started laughing shocked that Landon made 2 free throws in a row! I was proud to call him my husband after that!

First they played volleyball

Then they played tug-a-war

Then last but not least basketball! This is how they started off at the beginning of the game!! Holding down the bench:)

Then they got put in to play and this is Landon making his two free throws:)

This picture makes him look pretty good
Of course it wasn't possible to watch the whole basketball game with this crazy guy but he was having a blast running around the big open area and making friends:)

He is into cheesing for the camera these days it's the cutest thing ever! It was such a fun filled day for everyone at Focus.. By the end of it everyone was exhausted especially everyone that just got off of the night shift! They got done with work at 7 and went to the sports fest at 7:30 so Landon and Cody were exhausted!