Friday, November 1, 2013


I was so excited for Halloween this year! I was so sad that we were going to be in the Philippines and Payson wasn't going to get to experience Halloween... So I was so glad to be home and get to dress him up and take him trick or treating! We first did the business trick or treating and he didn't really get it he just wanted to eat every piece of candy that he got... But then at night we went trick or treating around my sisters neighborhood and he was knocking on doors and saying trick or treat, and saying thank you!
We started the business trick or treat at 4 and got done with it at 6... Then we all came to my moms house and had the kids trick or treat and get a picture together.  Then we went to my Aunt Teresa's house like we do every year and had soup! It was so yummy! Then we went up to Grandpa Roger's and Grandma Gwen's and talked with them a bit.. She got a good video of him thinking he was funny laying on the floor eating his apple.. He is a crazy kid.. Then we went trick or treating to my sister's neighborhood and then just came home.. He was on a sugar high for a little bit.. Running around like a crazy animal laughing and thinking he was pretty funny!! Cute little thing.. But when it was time to go to bed he zonked out pretty fast! I guess that is what happens when you have a long busy afternoon and night!! Overall it was a great Halloween and we had tons of fun!

He had to play with Braxton's sword!!

Visiting Grandma Gwen's work and doing what he did best today eating his candy!

He has to be the cutest lion ever

Eating more candy

Payson and Grandpa Gary

The whole crazy wild bunch! We are just lucky they all stayed on the couch for a picture!