Thursday, June 6, 2013

As of late

The last couple of days we have figured out what things Payson loves to do and it's been nice because we have been able to entertain him with things that he likes! He isn't very hard to entertain he loves just playing by himself as long as he has something to do! He whines at the front door to go outside all of the time because he loves it but I just can't get myself to go hang out outside a lot of the time because it is so dang hot out there!! But luckily we have our driveway that is covered by shade so if we go outside we mostly just stay under the shade and do stuff!!
He loves to draw with chalk and chuck it down the driveway like a ball.

As you can tell he thinks that drawing all over his ear is a funny game

Then he decided that eating it wasn't as yummy as it looked


He loves to color.

He loves playing with play dough

I wish I would have got a picture after he tried to eat the play dough his face was priceless he thought it was the nastiest thing in the world!
He loves playing with his dump trucks

He puts all of his blocks in the back of the truck and then throws them out

He loves to go to The District by our house and play in all of the balls

He has learned to pick his nose and thinks that he is the funniest person around

He loves when dad finally wakes up and they get to spend time with him... Because lets face it by the afternoon he is sick of me!
When we watch a movie with Jordyn and Cody he has now found his favorite seat to sit and fall asleep during the movie
He loves pushing his bike around and riding his bike

Love this picture
I love watching this little boy sleep he always looks so comfy and like he is in a deep sleep

Last but not least he loves to dance and thinks that he is so funny! Here is a video of him dancing.. He watches Tangled a lot and she spins in circles so he has now learned how to spin in circles and that is his way of dancing!

Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Poor Payson's Face

Poor little Pays fell on his face! While Landon and I were cleaning up after dinner the other night Jordyn and Cody walked with Payson to their house to get a movie to watch!! Right as they left their house Payson was chasing a frog and tripped over his shoes and fell right on his face.. Jordyn and Cody said he literally couldn't catch himself and his arms fell right out from under him and they could hear his poor head hit the ground!:( He got up and was crying but that didn't last long because he saw another frog and said oooooh frog!! ha sweet little thing! Jordyn came in the front door and said you're gonna kill me and I could hardly tell that he fell... I didn't think anything would really come of it ha but when he woke up the next morning you could definitely see the marks!
This is the night it happened you can hardly tell he fell except for the little bump on his head!

This is the second day

This is the night of the second day

This is the third day looking good.. We went to the store and everyone looked at me like I beat my kid
Then there was today the fourth day everything was going good and then we went to the pool to swim! Not even thinking how bad a scab itches if it gets wet! Well his face got wet and he started itching and I kept trying to stop him but it didn't work out to well.. He itched so bad and hard that he peeled the scab and there was blood everywhere!
It bled so much more then this

This is after we got it all cleaned up he fell asleep because he was so upset because I think it hurt him so bad! So needless to say so much for it healing.. We are gonna have to start the healing process over! Poor guy!

We found a playground!!

We have been looking all over for parks here but we haven't been able to find one! Well the other day our pool was closed for a party so we went to try out the pool just around the round a bout by our house... Well while looking for their pool we found a playground for kids! I was so excited when we saw it cause I knew that now Payson would have something fun to do! We didn't go play on it the other day because we were swimming but yesterday we took him to play on it.. We waited until it cooled down and was about to rain so that we weren't so hot! It was the perfect time to go and Payson loved loved loved it! He loved the slide the most especially the one that is like a tunnel because he had no idea where he was going! Here are some cute pictures!