Tuesday, August 20, 2013

We made it back to the Philippines

Well we finally made it back to the Philippines after a two month long visit! It was so good to go home and see everyone! Payson loved catching up and playing with all of his cousins and being able to play outside on grass with no huge spiders around! I will have to do another post about all of the fun things that we did back home.. We left Utah to come back home on Sunday August 11.. It was just me and Payson flying home Landon flew home two weeks before us.. Our flight left at 11:15 a.m. and we flew for 1 hour and 45 minutes to Portland Oregon.. We had a one hour and 45 minute layover there so we stopped at a restaurant and ate some lunch! Payson was a crazy man running all over the place because he felt like he was cooped up on a plane for so long... He sat and watched all of the airplanes and thought they were pretty cool!
Payson with a plane in the background
After our layover in Portland we got back on another plane and flew to Tokyo.. this was a 10 hour and 45 minute flight! I was hoping that Payson would take a long nap on this flight and sleep for at least three hours! But things of course never go how you plan! To many things were going on and he was having to much fun that he only slept for an hour!
So peaceful and comfortable!
When he woke up from his nap I just wanted to cry thinking oh my gosh he is gonna be terrible and wanna get out of his seat! But man did he prove me wrong... He sat and colored, played with animals, watched animal movies and mickey mouse clubhouse, we snuggled, and of course ate lots and lots of treats!:) He was an angel on that flight! I don't think I could have got any more lucky! I sure do have a sweet little boy!
We got to Tokyo and we were only supposed to have an hour lay over but our flight was delayed so we ended up having like a three hour lay over! Which I was pretty excited about because it gave Payson time to run around and get his wiggles out for the next flight! I got him some dinner at McDonalds and then we walked around and found a little play area in the airport for him to play on! He loved it and played forever and ever and didn't want to leave when it was time to go!
Then we hopped back on another plane to head for Manila! This flight was only 4 1/2 hours and lucky me we slept the entire flight! We were both so exhausted from going on hardly any sleep that we both pretty much fell asleep before the plane even took off! We didn't wake up for any meals or drinks.. We got woken up by one of the flight attendants saying we had to put our chairs up and I had to hold Payson for landing..
Once we landed we got off the plane and had to go through immigrations which always takes FOREVER and what makes it worse is there is no air conditioning! Oh my gosh we were sweating so bad and I didn't have my stroller because it was raining so hard they couldn't bring it to me I had to get it off of the luggage belt! So I had to carry a diaper bag that was packed full and probably weighed 30 pounds and I had to pack around Payson who is another good 30 pounds! Once we got through immigrations we went to the belt that had all of our luggage.. Landon was outside waiting they wouldn't let him inside of the airport! So I was stressing on how I was going to hold Payson and get all of my luggage off of the belt that weighed 50 pounds each! Well luckily as I was waiting a nice guy told me to tell him when my baggage was there and he would grab it for me.. He got one bag for me then left and my other bag came around and I asked some random guy to grab it for me and he did! I of course didn't get the stroller till last to put Payson in.. When we got past security again to go outside Payson spotted Landon from a little ways away and ran as fast as he could to him yelling "Da Da" and gave him the biggest hug ever!
I don't know who was more excited to see the other.. Landon or Payson??
We got a taxi and headed to our hotel! We got there and neither me or Payson were tired because we had just slept for 4 1/2 hours on our last flight so we stayed up and watched t.v. and played for a little while and next thing we know we are looking at what time it is and its 2 a.m..... Where did the time go? So we hurried and got ready for bed and went to sleep.. And lets just say that was only a nap for Payson because he was back awake at 5 a.m. waking me and Landon up... We both wanted to scream and he wasn't going back to sleep!! His favorite game when he wakes up is to wake up Landon by hitting him on the head... Poor Landon!
I tried flipping this picture but it wouldn't let me.. You get the just of what's going on:)
We headed to breakfast to eat and then came back to the room to get ready.. Then we headed to The Mall of Asia to walk around and just for something to do... They of course had a merry go round and we couldn't resist letting Payson ride it because it was one of his favorite things before we went home for our visit... He of course loved it like always and sat and neighed like a horse the entire time!
Can you tell he loves it?
Here are some more pictures of us just walking around The Mall of Asia! It was a good day and we had lots of fun! We actually went back the next day and hung out until it was time to go catch our flight to head back to Bacolod!

He loves the security guards

Giving daddy kisses so he doesn't have to ride in the stroller

Investigating the ice cream

Eating his ice cream and people watching

Forget the ice cream he is just going to people watch

Of course had to ride the horse again

Nervous to ride the escalator this way

But decided it's a lot funner to ride it this way then to stand

Then we found him a bouncy toy to play on

The bouncy toy was outside in the heat so if you can tell in this picture this poor little guy was sweating pretty bad!