Friday, November 1, 2013


I was so excited for Halloween this year! I was so sad that we were going to be in the Philippines and Payson wasn't going to get to experience Halloween... So I was so glad to be home and get to dress him up and take him trick or treating! We first did the business trick or treating and he didn't really get it he just wanted to eat every piece of candy that he got... But then at night we went trick or treating around my sisters neighborhood and he was knocking on doors and saying trick or treat, and saying thank you!
We started the business trick or treat at 4 and got done with it at 6... Then we all came to my moms house and had the kids trick or treat and get a picture together.  Then we went to my Aunt Teresa's house like we do every year and had soup! It was so yummy! Then we went up to Grandpa Roger's and Grandma Gwen's and talked with them a bit.. She got a good video of him thinking he was funny laying on the floor eating his apple.. He is a crazy kid.. Then we went trick or treating to my sister's neighborhood and then just came home.. He was on a sugar high for a little bit.. Running around like a crazy animal laughing and thinking he was pretty funny!! Cute little thing.. But when it was time to go to bed he zonked out pretty fast! I guess that is what happens when you have a long busy afternoon and night!! Overall it was a great Halloween and we had tons of fun!

He had to play with Braxton's sword!!

Visiting Grandma Gwen's work and doing what he did best today eating his candy!

He has to be the cutest lion ever

Eating more candy

Payson and Grandpa Gary

The whole crazy wild bunch! We are just lucky they all stayed on the couch for a picture!

Thursday, October 31, 2013


Tonight we went to Lagoon with all of my family! We got free tickets from Young Ford in Morgan... We had 7 adults (my dad, mom, Brittany, Kaley, Jordyn, Anna, and me) and 7 kids (Braxton, Hayden, Dayton, Kroix, Harper, Braelynn, and Payson.) Lets be honest I thought it was going to just be so much more work then fun.. I was worried that Paysons separation anxiety was going to set in and he wasn't going to ride the rides, there would be lots of tantrums with 7 kids, and that it was going to be freezing!! Well let me just tell you I was so wrong..:) It was one of the funnest things we have done in a long time and every single kid was so so good! There was not one tantrum and not one kid tried to run off.. They all stayed in their strollers when they were put in them and they held hands if they weren't in strollers!! They loved all of the rides, they all got along, and they all had so much fun! It was pretty cold but we just stayed busy and going and the cold never really sunk in that we were freezing! It was bearable!:) It was a great night and I think it is safe to say that we would all do it again next year!
This is the first ride that we rode.. This was when I first put him on and he didn't quite know what to think???

Then the ride started and he thought it was pretty cool!!

Then lucky him got a riding partner the second time around... Everytime we got him out he kept saying "again again"
I couldn't ride very many rides being pregnant (there is no way I could have fit!:)) so I am so grateful Anna was sweet enough to ride the rides with Pays... He loves his "Nana" is what he calls her

Both of them didn't like this ride very much.. It was way fast and poor Anna gets motion sick! I thought she was going to barf the whole ride!

I got snuggles the whole night from him after every ride.. I think he thought if he gave me hugs then he would get to ride another ride
Braelynn, Payson, and Jordyn

All the boys

Harper, me and Payson
Payson, Harper, Braelynn

Paysons favorite thing
Braelynn, Payson, Harper
Payson and Hayden

Payson and Hayden
Playing with the bang bang

Waiting in line for the Merry Go Round is hard work

He kept saying horsey

Pulling my hand saying come on
I think he will always love the Merry Go Round

Kroix and Payson

Landon will love this picture!! I always make Landon go on the Merry Go Round with Pays... But tonight I had no choice and had to toughen up and get out of my comfort zone and take him!!:)
Waiting in line for the train

Kroix and Payson

Kroix, Payson, Me

This was right after the picture above this one... This is Payson telling me "NO"... as you can see he is saying no and pushing me away because he didn't want me to sit next to him!:( Little Stinker!
 These next two pictures are my favorite and had all of us laughing so hard... While we were riding the train we went through a tunnel.. Well since we rode the train in the dark the tunnel was pitch black.. Well Jordyn had my camera and was taking pictures of Payson for me and she took a picture in the tunnel without him knowing and this was his and Kroix facial expressions... I think it's safe to say they are both a little scared of the dark!!
Paysons reaction

Kroix reaction
The whole gang besides Grandma Carol... She was the lucky one that got to take the picture!!:)




Monday, October 28, 2013

A Couple Family Pictures

A couple of days before we left the Philippines to come back home Jordyn took some family pictures of us.. She did a good job and I think they turned out really good! Payson will always smile for the camera until you really want him to.. Typical for a little kid right? Here is some of the ones that I really liked! Thanks Jord for always being so nice to take pictures for us!!:)

Grandma Carol's Halloween Party

Every year my mom does a Halloween party for all of the kids.. We always talk about dressing the kids up in their costumes but then never do because they will just ruin them and get them dirty! She always has fun things planned for the kids to do.. They started out eating Mac and Cheese and hot dogs.. She colored the Mac and Cheese green and the kids were so excited, but struggled eating it because it was green!!:) After they ate lunch they played pin the hat on the witch!

After we pinned the hat on the witch they all sat around the table and painted their pumpkins! They all loved it... They passed all the paint colors around and shared really well..
Ready to get started

Pure concentration

It was just as fun to paint his face as it was the pumpkin

Braelynn thought it was fun to paint her whole stomach

As you can tell Kolston worked really hard to paint his pumpkin!!
After they painted pumpkins they all decided to go and play with cars in the front room while grandma cleaned up their mess!!:)
This little guy is now obsessed with cars.. One of his favorite toys!!

After playing with cars they went back and sat down and colored pictures of pumpkins but I didn't get any pictures of that.. After coloring they got to frost and decorate sugar cookies.. This was probably all of the kids favorite thing because they got to eat all the candy, frosting, and cookies!!:) Lets just say they all were on a sugar high!!
Can you tell Kroix is a little excited?

Sweet little Harper
Hayden didn't want to wait to frost his cookie he just wanted to eat it


Braxton was the best little helper to Grandma Carol all day


All day all of my sisters joked that he looked like the baby Grinch off of the movie The Grinch... And I am starting to believe them

He has got a mouth full of candy!!

Happy Boy!!!
It was such a fun little Halloween party for all of the kids.. They loved it.. Thanks Grandma Carol for doing this for the kids every year!!:)