Saturday, September 14, 2013

The biggest spider we have seen yet!

So the other day Jordyn, Payson, and I went to the pool swimming... Well when I got back I saw a HUGE spider on the outside wall of my house! I about freaked but there was no way I was going to kill it.. I don't even kill the smaller ones so why would I kill this one? I figured I would just have Landon kill it when he woke up!! But good gosh the only thing I could think about in those next two hours was this ginormous spider getting into my house and eating me!:) But I still didn't go out and kill it to big of a pansy! So Landon woke up and believe it or not I forgot about the stupid spider.. Landon went out to the car about a half hour after he woke up to get something out of it and I totally remembered the spider.. So I yelled out the window to him asking if it was still there and it was.. It hadn't moved.. So we of course called Jordyn over to come and check it out and we were all dying at how huge we thought it was.. Even Landon was scared to reach up and kill the stupid thing with his shoe thinking it would like crawl on him or land on his face.. So he got a chair and this awesome bug spray we have and sprayed the spider... He probably used half the can of the bug spray before it even phased the spider.. It started crawling up to the ceiling of the wall but then eventually fell cause its legs were like paralyzed.. The dang thing stayed alive quite awhile and moved around a lot before it finally gave up and died! It was weird cause one second it could walk just fine and then the next second it's legs would curl up like they couldn't move.. Payson was the cutest while watching this spider because he kept saying EWW.. Here are some pictures of the spider and videos! They seriously do not do it justice of how big the spider was! Oh yes and you should have heard this spider crunch when Landon stepped on it to kill it... NASTY!!

This is what I saw when I came home from the pool

This is the spider acting paralyzed after Landon sprayed it

Then it was just fine walking away


This is the bottom of the spider... Pretty nasty
Don't mind me telling Landon what to do the whole time in this video when I get freaked out it's what I do!!:)

This video is my favorite watch how he copies how Landon is standing!!

This little boy loves moms high heels

For the past month Payson has been super obsessed with putting on mine and Landon's shoes and walking around in them.. He just giggles the entire time and thinks that he is so funny!! Well he has figured out which one of our shoes are his favorite... My high heels!! He gets mad when they fall off or if he can't get them on fast enough!! I just laugh at him everytime! Here are some pictures and videos of this kid in high heels..
You can tell he is just in heaven

I told him to cheese for the camera

This one is my all time favorite picture!!

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Campuestohan Mountian Resort

This last weekend we took Saturday and went up to Campuestohan Mountain Resort! It was Landon, Me, Payson, Jordyn, Cody, Crystal, Fidel, Alisha, Pam and all their kids.. It is about an hour drive away from our house and a pretty bumpy one.. For the most part there is road to drive on, but for about the last fifteen minutes or so its all dirt road that is so so bumpy and you have to go about 5 mph the entire time..
They have playgrounds for kids, swimming pools, lodges to stay over night in, and lots of statues, it's kind of a Disney themed mountain resort.. It's probably only been there for about 6 months or so, so a lot of it is still under construction.. The pool was freezing so the only brave ones that got in the pool was Landon and Cody.. I guess the water comes straight from the mountain spring so you can only imagine how cold it is.. We walked around the whole resort and looked at everything and ate lunch and just hung out. It was a fun eventful day!

The entrance to the resort

One of the playgrounds

Another playground
Payson was obsessed with this elephant even tho this picture doesn't show it

One of the pools

Payson and Mila

Trying to see if he would like the cold pool

And he hated it!!
The only brave ones

Payson was terrified of this rhino

Payson was terrified of all of the statues and animals
Little cottages you can rent out and stay over night in

This is supposed to be Michael Jordan ha they got his number wrong

They are making this gorilla a hotel room

He was of course terrified of this gorilla and Landon tried putting him in the hand and he lost it!!
He loved the playground

He thinks he is funny when he steals my water

Trying to suck down as much 7UP as he can
It was such a fun little trip that we will for sure be going back soon!