Thursday, April 3, 2014

Bantayan Island

This past weekend we went on a little vacation to Bantayan Island. We went with our landlord and his family and a couple of his friends families. It was such a fun experience and a great way to meet new people. We left on Friday at 5 in the morning and went on a two hour car ride to the port where we parked our cars and got on a boat for another two hour ride! It was super hot but luckily the wind from the boat ride made it so we weren't dying of heat.

The only bad thing is we figured since we were on a boat that had tarps over top to keep us shaded that we wouldn't need sunscreen... Well let me tell you we were wrong! The sun still got us. Not terribly bad but enough to get sunburned. Cody is the only one that got it super bad and he was hurting!

We made jokes all weekend everytime we saw Cody that he needed to take his shirt off!:) I don't think he thought we were very funny!
When we got to the island we got to our hotel and ordered lunch because we were starving. The hotel had some yummy food.. We were all obsessed with the chicken cordon bleu. It was so yummy! Then we all lathered up on sunscreen and walked down to the beach! I thought it would take Payson awhile to get used to the sand and the water but he proved me wrong. He was so excited to play in the sand and to swim in the water. We stayed down at the beach for a good two hours before it started getting dark!
Landon and our landlord David

On our walk to the beach they had hammocks that you could lay in and Payson loved swinging back and forth in them! He would lay in a hammock forever if you let him.. Brightyn on the other hand was a little small for the hammock!

The next day we went to an island called Virgin Island.. It was only a 20 minute boat ride away from the island that we were staying at. This island doesn't have hotels for you to stay there it is just an island to go and have fun and just hang out. We stayed there for a good portion of the day and of course got sunburned again. We are kind of dumb and just used baby or kid sunscreen. Lets just say we put sunscreen on as much as Payson did and he didn't get a touch of sun and me and Landon were hurting pretty bad! While we were there we just played in the water, sat under our umbrellas and played in the sand and talked, and of course ate. It was a fun little island and they had it decorated pretty nice!

Brightyn was not a huge fan of the sun or the heat

This is Payson's famous pooping face:) Lucky Landon got to change this diaper!


Landon wrapped Payson up tight in this hammock and swung him back and forth! Pays loved it

Funny story behind this picture.. This is Davids little girl and Landons goal the whole trip was to get her to like him because she is very shy.. Well I won and right before this she came up and gave me a big hug!!

Sweet happy babies

The whole gang

When it was time to leave to go back to our island we knew we were in for it.. As you can tell in the pictures above Payson was not very happy at all.. He had just woken up from a nap and before his nap he got sunscreen in his eyes and fell in the water and got salt water in his eyes so he was done for.. We loaded up on the boat and headed back to our island. Well when it came time for some of us to get off of the boat to get to our hotel we couldn't get the boat up there because the tide was to low and the boat would get stuck.. So we ended up staying on the boat and riding it to where the other part of the group was staying and was just going to ride a trycicad back to our hotel..We unloaded everything and that was a chore I had both kids one in each arm because Landon had to carry everything else and made a big long walk out of the water up to the beach.. Brightyn was tired and crying and Payson was onery and crying.. I am sure I looked like I was the mom with two onery kids! Payson threw a tantrum for a good 20 minutes until the motorcycle got there to take us to our hotel. He calmed down on the motorcycle ride until we got to the hotel and it was time to get off of the motorcycle then he screamed because he wanted to ride the motorcycle.. It was a long time after that until he finally settled down.. Then he found a nice little play place and that made everything all better!
This is an awful picture but it shows how bad his eyes hurt.. He could hardly open them the whole night!

This is his new favorite game.. He has the truck crash into all of the animals and kill them!

All of us and Davids family.. We are so glad he invited us on the trip we had a great time!
We headed back home the next morning on the two hour boat ride and the two hour car ride.. It was a great trip overall. We had a lot of fun and would do it again in a heartbeat!