Monday, January 26, 2015

Sipalay Beach Resort

This last weekend we went on a 4 hour drive to a little place called Sipalay! They have amazing white sand beaches there. We stayed at a place called Easy Diving and Beach Resort. The rooms that we stayed in were really nice and just felt super clean! The only downfall to this place that we stayed (it's not really a downfall because it was awesome exercise for all of the junk food that we ate) was the stairs that we had to hike up and down every time we wanted to go to the beach, or every time we wanted to come from the beach to our room. I am not even joking you when I say we walked up a hundred stairs or more each time. I didn't ever get the chance to take pictures of the stairs because I was always carrying Brightyn or Payson. But I promise next time we go and stay there I will take pictures of all the stairs we hiked up. The beach was amazing! The workers were awesome and treated us so good!
While we were there we mostly just relaxed on the beach and let the kids play in the sand and in the water. There was one day we took a couple of hours and rented out a boat and went snorkeling! It was fun to see all the creatures and coral in the water but I suck at swimming. Landon and Cody would go out together while Jordyn and I would watch the kids, then we would switch. Well Jordyn and I aren't the best snorkelers together! We were scared of every little thing that we thought touched us, or the water was to cold, or we couldn't swim, or worse case scenario we always thought that we were going to be eaten alive by a shark so we would freak out and suck in a ton of nasty salt water and swim to the boat as fast as we could... But it was fun!
Payson and Brightyn both loved the sand. Brightyn thought at some points that it would taste good so she would put a chunk of sand in her mouth and then decide that it wasn't very yummy! We all had a great time and are looking forward to the next time that we get to go there!
Here are some pictures of our trip!